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About us

Dialco Park S.A.S., is a company of social convictions located in Sabaneta - Antioquia, which aims to offer children's attractions that bring together the optimal elements of quality and entertainment for everyone. It is our commitment to integrate families and improve their quality of life with universal parks that provide safety and fun. We have the full support of Bragmaia®, one of the largest manufacturers of street furniture, playgrounds and sports equipment in Europe.

What we do

It is our specialty to offer diverse, innovative and, above all, guarantor playgrounds in terms of material and functionality. We carry out preventive and corrective maintenance to your playgrounds and urban furniture, filling them with magic and color. We create environments of interaction and recreation.

Aquí jugamos todos Atracciones Inclusivas

Guarantee stamp

We have the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, issued by ICONTEC, which reinforces our aforementioned quality management systems, revealing a centralization in the quality of process management, relationships with suppliers and customers, as well as a decision of decisions always counting on the sustainability and future of the industrial expansion of the company.


The Play and Play Spaces (Playgrounds) comply with current legislation and regulations (Decree-Law No. 203/2015 of September 17) and are certified by an entity accredited by the normative set of pieces of EN 1176 (Equipment and surfaces for play and recreation spaces) and EN 1177 (Shock absorbing surfaces for play and recreation spaces)


Important investments are constantly made in the research and development phase of new products with excellent features and functionalities, resulting in a sustainability policy, in accordance with quality and demand standards.

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